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  1. Daughter’s 12th Birthday Party a Huge Success

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    Kudos to Donna Marie Bates and Jeff Weiss for making our daughter’s 12th birthday party at Glennpeter a huge success!!! The girls were made to feel like princesses from trying on the jeweled crown to feeling actual 24 karat gold bars in the safe…they had fun writing their funny phrases on their t-shirts, making their own individual bracelets, and touring the diamond center. Meanwhile, the moms were also treated like royalty from having our rings cleaned, a nice glass of wine and food at the wine bar, and a personal visit from Jeff who captured us with his enthusiasm for his work ethic, family, and friendships. Donna not only is Jeff’s friend, but also a jewelry designer herself and you can find her jewelry on display at Glennpeter…I have to say this was the most relaxing and enjoyable party…Thank you Donna and Jeff for making all of us feel so welcome and the girls are still talking about the party!!!

    — Heidi